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Good Buddies – Mozart and Haydn

Good Buddies - Mozart and Haydn Haydn Mozart Piano

Good Buddies – Mozart and Haydn

My most recent “obsession” has been with Haydn (*see the Post, “Heeer’s Haydn) – and in particular his piano concertos – which I wasn’t familiar with when I did the Heeeer’s Haydn post.

In the course of listening and researching I found out about the close relationship between Mozart and Haydn. They seemed to have formed a “mutual admiration society”! There are many quotes where they praised each others work and expressed a high personal regard for each other. Good buddies! (Haydn was crushed by the news of Mozart’s early death)

Regarding their piano concertos, there seems to be a concensus that Mozart went further, deeper and that his were the more accomplished. The elements I love in both of their piano concertos, you could describe as the ‘sublime’ / ‘spiritual’ / ‘lyrical’ or  contemplative. Just love that kind of piano. So here is one movement each from one of their Piano Concertos that express these qualities. Which one do you like most?!

Haydn P.C. #3 in F major. HOB XVIII. Second movement / Largo Cantibile

Haydn piano concerto in F major


Mozart’s P.C. #21 in C major KV 467 / Andante

Sorry! I think I’ve put Haydn at an immediate disadvantage! This piece by Mozart is SO beloved and SO well known, because of the film Elvira Madigan. I didn’t “rig” this in Mozart’s advantage on purpose!