Good Buddies - Mozart and Haydn Haydn Mozart Piano

Good Buddies – Mozart and Haydn

My most recent “obsession” has been with Haydn (*see the Post, “Heeer’s Haydn) – and in particular his piano concertos – which I wasn’t familiar with when I did the Heeeer’s Haydn post.

In the course of listening and researching I found out about the close relationship between Mozart and Haydn. They seemed to have formed a “mutual admiration society”! There are many quotes where they praised each others work and expressed a high personal regard for each other. Good buddies! (Haydn was crushed by the news of Mozart’s early death)

Regarding their piano concertos, there seems to be a concensus that Mozart went further, deeper and that his were the more accomplished. The elements I love in both of their piano concertos, you could describe as the ‘sublime’ / ‘spiritual’ / ‘lyrical’ or  contemplative. Just love that kind of piano. So here is one movement each from one of their Piano Concertos that express these qualities. Which one do you like most?!

Haydn P.C. #3 in F major. HOB XVIII. Second movement / Largo Cantibile

Haydn piano concerto in F major


Mozart’s P.C. #21 in C major KV 467 / Andante

Sorry! I think I’ve put Haydn at an immediate disadvantage! This piece by Mozart is SO beloved and SO well known, because of the film Elvira Madigan. I didn’t “rig” this in Mozart’s advantage on purpose!


  • Muriel Wells
    August 3, 2011 at 6:13 am

    Hi Jim,
    Both these piano concertos are lovely and i play them again and again.
    They are different, so it is a hard decision as to which is superior! I have have opted out of that scenario. Chicken!
    However there is something about the Haydn, an elusive quality which draws me back again and again. It is sublime, as you said, and it has an ethearial air to it, that is so tranquil. I love it. Thankyou for presenting it.
    Also thankyou for the new way you have presented the playback/download. Beaut!
    Kindest regards,