About Me


I was raised on Classical music (my father blasting Chopin full volume)

For about 30 years I had ‘inner promptings’ to listen to Classical music. I ignored them until relatively recently. (Apart from a couple of “false starts”; one where I joined a Classical Music Cassette library club in the 70’s.)

But …over the past ten or twelve years I’ve downloaded, from paid sources – about 5,500  Classical pieces.

My hobby is turning others on to the beauty of – and huge range of psycho-emotional diversity in – Classical Music: By way of burning free CDs for friends and family and maintaining this site. Hope you enjoy it.

“Music is just sound – Real Silence is something else” Jim Migdoll

My one and only book is available to read free on-line at: http://www.meherbabaandme.com or in a magazine format at: http://issuu.com/jimji/docs/meherbaba



God (a.k.a. Meher Baba) / Classical Music / Organic Vegetable Gardening / Current affairs and technology / Great crime/thriller books / Human beings and dogs