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Worth a Repeat

This piece is already on the site (see: A Little Satie and then some more!) –  under Blog Titles.

I thought it was worth putting it out again on it’s own, instead of just part of a Satie medley. I like it a lot. How ’bout you? (*this version is played a bit faster and with more intensity than some I’ve found and it sounds “right” to me)

Did something Transcendent happen? … somewhere?

Eric Satie 5ieme Gnossienne Modere

A little Satie (and then some more!) Bassoon Piano Satie

A little Satie (and then some more!)

Eric Satie wrote 3 piano pieces he called  Gymnopédie.

This is a transcription of the second Gymnopedie for piano. Transcribed for piano and bassoon.

Catherine Marchese – Emile Naoumoff_02_Deuxieme Gymnopedie


Trying to find out Who transcribed it? –  from the original solo piano to piano with bassoon –  I googled until weary! … never did find out. Did Satie himself do it? Or the players on this piece? (Catherine Marchese and Emile Naoumoff) Some listener might leave a germain comment clearing this up! – please do if you’re out there.

Anyway it was so nice to be listening to Satie again this afternoon… what the heck – how about some more?!  Here are three pieces joined together running approx. 8 minutes. (I love the first one)

Satie collection


1)  5ieme Gnossienne  Modere   2)  Caresse    3)  Cafe-Concert Songs- Je Te Veux

Bach Chopin Elgar Handel Just Music. No Commentary! An Eclectic Mix Liszt Piano Saint Saens Satie

Just Music. An Eclectic Mix. NO Commentary!

Chopin Nocturne Op. 37 in G minor

Chopin nocturne


Saint Saens – The Swan from Carnival of the Animals

saint saens the swan


Eric Satie pieces froides – danse de travers # 1



Liszt – Ave Maria



Elgar – Sospiri Op. 70

Elgar Sospiri


Bach Suite #1 – Ouverture

Bach overtures01_suite-no-1_-i-ouverture


Handel oboe concerto in G minor HWV 287 – Allegro

Hanel oboe

G.I. Gurdjieff Piano Satie Two eccentrics? or ....

Two eccentrics? .. or visionary forunners of Minimilism and “New Age” music?

Eric Satie (1866-1925) and G.I. Gurdjieff (1872-1949)

Satie was the archetypal poor, struggling artist. Eccentric? You bet. 84 identical handkerchiefs and 12 identical velvet suits! For 27 years he never let anyone in his home. He used to walk miles and miles over Paris every day. Some of his compositions he called “Furniture music”! (meant to be background)

Gurdjieff? Genuine “advanced soul” and “spiritual master” to some. Charlatan to others. A most charismatic man who led a full, colourful life. Both were involved in the cutting edge culture of their day, and both had contact with the “In Crowd” (*NOTE: this is Thomas de Hartmann playing, not Gurdjieff. Some people feel de Hartmann was the person close enough to Gurdjieff to play his compositions the way they were meant to be played)

Have a listen. Meditate, be hypnotised or fall asleep! (seriously – some beautiful moments)

Satie gymnopedies no. 1 lent-et-douloureux



Satie – one of the gnossiennes series

six gnossiennes


Satie – Reverie-du-pauvre



Gurdjieff – holy affirming / holy denying / holy reconciling

holy affirming holy denying holy reconciling


Gurdjieff – Meditation



Gurdjieff – Rejoice Bellzebub

rejoice bellzebub


Update on just how eccentric Satie was! You only need to read the first paragraph of this article.