A little Satie (and then some more!) Bassoon Piano Satie

A little Satie (and then some more!)

Eric Satie wrote 3 piano pieces he called  Gymnopédie.

This is a transcription of the second Gymnopedie for piano. Transcribed for piano and bassoon.

Catherine Marchese – Emile Naoumoff_02_Deuxieme Gymnopedie


Trying to find out Who transcribed it? –  from the original solo piano to piano with bassoon –  I googled until weary! … never did find out. Did Satie himself do it? Or the players on this piece? (Catherine Marchese and Emile Naoumoff) Some listener might leave a germain comment clearing this up! – please do if you’re out there.

Anyway it was so nice to be listening to Satie again this afternoon… what the heck – how about some more?!  Here are three pieces joined together running approx. 8 minutes. (I love the first one)

Satie collection


1)  5ieme Gnossienne  Modere   2)  Caresse    3)  Cafe-Concert Songs- Je Te Veux

  • Peter
    December 23, 2009 at 4:02 am

    Hi Jim
    Thanks for popping the card in the post box! Great website! Lovely music!