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It’s About Time

About time that I posted some full compositions. You may have noticed that I tend to only present one movement from a Concerto or Symphony or Sonata; rather than all the movements. Invariably it’s the second movement –  due to my preference for slow, melodic, thoughtful, melancholic!, peaceful etc. I suppose in a way it’s not really fair to the composer not to present his/her entire statement.

Recently a person in my town asked if I ever posted entire compositions. He didn’t ask the question in a judgmental fashion, just politely inquired.  It has “niggled” at me ever since. So… Istvan … here’s a post for you!

(* I’ll place this posting in the Long Playing sections)

Francois Devienne (1759 – 1803) was known as “The French Mozart”

Francois Devienne – Bassoon sonata I in C major, Op. 24


Beethoven – Piano Sonata no. 23 Appassionata


Johann Nepomuk Hummel: One of the greatest of the ‘ignored and forgotten’ composers!

Hummel – Sextett Fur Blaser In F Major


Haydn – Symphony No. 104 In D Major (”London”)


Mozart – Piano Sonata No- 13


Clara Schumann, Robert’s wife – who decided late in life she just didn’t have what it takes to be a composer!

Hmmm … I beg to differ!

Clara Schumann Drei Romanzen, Op 22



Francois Devienne 1759 – 1803

My brother heard some bassoon quartets on the radio and requested that some Devienne be put on the site. I wasn’t familiar with him so I went shopping! Here are a few snippets of what’s said about him:

“the elegant tone of Paris at the time… grace and balance – qualities which are associated with Mozart … explaining why Devienne was called the French Mozart.”

I got a bit carried away, and what was going to be a few pieces has turned into a Long Play selection! (nearly 40 minutes) I also realised there is very little flute on the site so welcome some Devienne flute. (he was a flautist)

Devienne Long Play


Trios for flute – Allegro Con Spirito – Trio En Ré Majeur

Symphonie Concertante for Flute and Bassoon /Andante

Bassoon sonata I in C major, Op. 24 All three movements

and Oboe sonata in G major opus 71 all three movements