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It’s About Time

About time that I posted some full compositions. You may have noticed that I tend to only present one movement from a Concerto or Symphony or Sonata; rather than all the movements. Invariably it’s the second movement –  due to my preference for slow, melodic, thoughtful, melancholic!, peaceful etc. I suppose in a way it’s not really fair to the composer not to present his/her entire statement.

Recently a person in my town asked if I ever posted entire compositions. He didn’t ask the question in a judgmental fashion, just politely inquired.  It has “niggled” at me ever since. So… Istvan … here’s a post for you!

(* I’ll place this posting in the Long Playing sections)

Francois Devienne (1759 – 1803) was known as “The French Mozart”

Francois Devienne – Bassoon sonata I in C major, Op. 24


Beethoven – Piano Sonata no. 23 Appassionata


Johann Nepomuk Hummel: One of the greatest of the ‘ignored and forgotten’ composers!

Hummel – Sextett Fur Blaser In F Major


Haydn – Symphony No. 104 In D Major (”London”)


Mozart – Piano Sonata No- 13


Clara Schumann, Robert’s wife – who decided late in life she just didn’t have what it takes to be a composer!

Hmmm … I beg to differ!

Clara Schumann Drei Romanzen, Op 22

Female Composers Schumann Schumann, Clara Women!

Deathbed Request

Consider: What music would someone want to hear when they knew they were dying?

It’s especially fascinating to consider when that someone had devoted their entire life to music. She met and collaborated with some of the 19th Century’s greatest composers: Married and lived with one of those Great composers.

That was Clara Schumann – Robert’s wife – a musical heroine if there ever was one! (Google her to find out why she was such a Heroine, raising 8 children, touring Europe and taking care of her husband – it’s a great story)

She asked to hear this piece on her deathbed.

In March 1896, Clara Schumann suffered a stroke. Her friend Johannes Brahms canceled plans for an Italian vacation to wait for news of her improvement. On her deathbed, she asked her grandson Ferdinand to play her husband’s F-sharp major romance for her. That was the last music Clara Schumann heard. She died May 20, 1896. Brahms attended the funeral. He died eleven months later.

Robert Schumann: Romance in F# Op.28

Robert Schumann: Romance, Op.28 in F sharp

Female Composers LONG PLAYING SELECTIONS Piano Schumann, Clara The only woman! Women!

Clara Schumann – the only woman?!

Clara Schumann wrote:

“I once believed that I possessed creative talent, but I have given up this idea; a woman must not desire to compose — there has never yet been one able to do it. Should I expect to be the one?”

It never occured to me until today when I began researching Clara’s work; that not a single Classical composer – ranked as a “Great” –  was a woman!  How very strange. Well Clara Schumann was certainly an accomplished composer, and what a person! She raised 8 children (4 died before her) cared for a husband who became more and more unstable, befriended and grew very close to Brahms and still found time to  tour extensively! – acknowledged as a virtuoso pianist.

So here’s to the  ‘only woman’ on the site –  (so far) Let’s make it a Long Play Selection. (approx. 25 minutes)

(* dig that horn!)

UPDATE: Clara is no longer the only female composer on the site. Go here for a comprehensive look at the female composers.

Clara Schumann


Drei Romanzen, Op. 22 (arr. for horn and piano): I. Andante

Drei Romanzen, Op. 22 (arr. for horn and piano): II. Allegre

Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 17: III. Andante

Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 17: IV. Allegretto

Romance in B minor