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Chopin Piano Show Emotion? or be a "machine"? Worth Watching

Show Emotion? Or be a “Machine”? It’s worth watching!

Many musicians these days are either accused of being over-emotional in their presentation; or machine like. Yundi Li apparently has attained something like rock star status since he’s nice looking, young and really puts it out there. But to judge him by how moved he becomes by the music (*some say the Modern Crop of artists  ‘put it on’ a bit) – I think this does Yundi a real injustice. This is “real” emotion as far as I can see.

More importantly: I’ve heard Chopin all my life and I’d place Yundi’s presentation up against even the “Old Masters”

Another thing: I had no idea that when these Artists competed in Major competitions, that they had to play for this long. Wish I’d been there! Anyway – out of the entire hour or so – I think I might have heard one, two or three missed, or  miss-played notes!

Hang on a minute. I’m assuming that this Video was a single presentation? It just occured to me that maybe Yundi played all these pieces over several days?!  Whatever.  Did he win?  Google it and find out!

So Dear Listener: What do you think? Has Yundi “got it”?