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Almost? "Perfect Music"?! Grieg Piano Very Special

Very Special

Even though this is almost always included in the “Top 20, 50 or 100” of Classical Pieces – I still won’t include it in the Exclusive, ‘Perfect Music’ section. (*wanting to keep that section very exclusive!)

BUT … just listen to the piano work 2 – 3 minutes into the piece. With just a handfull of strokes on the keyboard, you’d swear you’d Died and Gone to Heaven!

Grieg piano concerto in a minor op-16-2-adagio attacca

Almost? "Perfect Music"?! Bach Elgar Mascagni Schubert Shostakovich Very Special

Almost? “Perfect Music”?!

Great compositions sure to move the heart. But I’m a little reluctant to include them in the “Perfect Music” section! (*See Perfect Music on the right hand alphabetical panel*)

Cavalleria Rusticana – intermezzo by Pietro Mascagni


Shostakovich waltz from Jazz suite. Used in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Shostakovich Waltz from Jazz Suite


And here is an absolutely delightful version by Andre Rieu.

Shostakovich Russian Waltz by Rieu


Bachs “Master and Commander”

Bach cello suite 1 bwv 1007


From Elgar’s enigma variations, op. 36 Nimrod


Now here is Schubert for Jess! Schubert’s 8th Symphony second movement (see comments)

Schubert’s 8th Symphony second movement