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Trumpet Synaesthesia

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Trumpet Synaesthesia

Synaesthesia (with several different spellings – see this concise, fascinating article ( – is basically a condition where two different sensory elements get linked.

Here are three types:

Grapheme-colour: Grapheme-colour is the most common type. People with this type of synesthesia associate letters and numbers with distinct colours.

Lexical-gusatory: Lexical-gustatory is a rare type of synesthesia. People with this type of synesthesia experience different tastes with certain words they hear.

Musical-colour: People with musical-colour synesthesia see colour when listening to music.

So what’s the Trumpet to a synethist? Since I’m not a synethist – I’m just making this up!

The trumpet is a very chilled white wine and it’s either yellow or gold … and a tangy Indonesian food spice!!

Genuine Synethists please respond!

Vivaldi concerto in G minor for trumpet and organ – Largo

Vivaldi concerto in g minor for trumpet and organ / largo


Handel – Allemande

Handel allemande


Torelli – concerto in D major for trumpet and strings

torelli concerto in- -major for trumpet and strings movement-3