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If you have great Bass speakers and if you are going to die soon!

Here is “Come Sweet Death” by J.S. Bach. (*performed by Frederick Swann – who was Virgil Fox’s main student/acolyte. Virgil Fox himself the only interpreter of Bach’s organ works I would choose to listen to! ; although he was a very controversial figure in the Organ world*)

Mr. J.S. Bach. Some say the Greatest of them all. As he neared death he composed this piece. To my ear it’s the sound of the Soul passing into the unknown Beyond. IF I had great bass speakers, and IF I knew when I was dying! … I’d love to hear this. PLEASE persevere through the early ‘morbidness’! – because The Soul’s lift-off is coming. (***Warning: If you don’t have great bass speakers you might be disappointed. I’ve never heard this on a proper sound system. It’s probably one of those pieces you’d have to hear in ‘person’. Be prepared to adjust volume!

Come Sweet Death