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Music for the mundane!

Bach LONG PLAYING SELECTIONS Music for the mundane! Piano

Music for the Mundane

In this LONG PLAY selection – J.S.Bach provides the perfect “background music” for mundane tasks! Cleaning out that junk drawer, ironing (does anyone iron anymore?!), gardening or just wandering around the house wondering what to do next. His Goldberg Variations provide the background. First the Aria, followed by 8 of the variations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t give up! There is a pause before the music kicks in on this one. About 10 seconds.

Goldberg variations by 9 Andras Shiff.mp3


UPDATE: see the comment on this one. My “source” slightly retracted his claim that Shiff was “the man” for Bach piano! So let’s hear Gould do the Aria.