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Brahms Just for fun Piano

Just for fun (a short piano piece by Brahms)

Brahms Intermezzo in C major, op. 119 no. 3 just for fun! I’ll bet Brahms had fun composing it, and the pianist playing it

brahms intermezzo in c major op 119 no 3


* AFTERWORD: This post has become very interesting as a result of Taneyev’s comment below! I’ve learned so much from his astute comments. The most important lesson so far has been not to put on the site the first rendition of a piece that I hear: But rather to listen to as least several and try to get a sense of what the composer might have really intended. Or … to go with an Artist who is known to specialise in interpreting the particular composer. I hope you find this piece interesting enough to read the comments (click on comments above – just under the Post title), listen to all the versions here … and maybe even come back with “THE ANSWER” (that is: What is closest to Brahm’s original score?)

Here’s Wilhelm Backhause

Brahms intermezzo op. 119 C major


Here’s Idil Biret *note: a 3 second delay

Brahms Intermezzo in C major Idil Biret


And here’s Jon Nakamatsu

intermezzo grazioso e giocoso