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Glenn Gould Changes?!

Bach Glenn Gould Changes?! Same Piece Same Artist BUT 25 years later!

Same Piece / Same Artist – BUT 25 years later!

What an incredible difference 20 plus years can make in the life of a musician! First we hear how Glenn Gould played/interpreted this piece by Bach (Goldberg Variations BWV 988 / Aria) in 1955 or 56; and then again how he played it in 1981.

What happened? There is an almost double – or half – the length of play in the two version. Did he just get older and slow down? (the 1980’s version) … Or –  Did more evidence emerge as to what Bach intended?

Hmmm. Fascinating to compare the versions. I certainly enjoy, and feel Bach’s Spirit more in the later version. What do you think? Leave a comment if you wish.

Enjoy. (*sure you will – afterall it is Bach!)

First Version from the mid 1950’s



Second verions late 1980’s