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Enlightened Comments! Thanks

Balakirev Enlightened Comments! Thanks Madmen of the Piano Piano

Enlightened Comments! Thanks

Here’s another example of why I love to get comments: Because sometimes they are so enlightening! – the commenter really knows what they’re talking about. The same person who commented on the post:  “Better Brahms”-  had this to say about the first version of Balikirev’s Islamey (played by Paul Wee): About Islamey, it’s played too fast. The excesive tempo make confuse and without meaning the piece. And on the slow parts he/she fall into mannerisms and use excesive rubato “a la Chopin”.

Too fast indeed! With “mannerisms” too! The Wee version runs 8:02



So … I went “shopping” for a better version! I found this one by Lang Lang who is pretty well respected.(it runs 9:19) Much better methinks! Thanks again Sergei

Lang Lang_15_Balakirev Islamey (Oriental Fantasy)


NOTE: I originally posted this in “Madmen of the Piano” and mentioned how some consider it one of the hardest of all piano pieces to play