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Different interpretations – same piece

Baroque Different interpretations - same piece Vivaldi

Different Interpretations of the same piece

One of the most fascinating aspects of Classical music is how Soloists, Chamber groups and Orchestras interpret the musical scores of the Masters. The enormous discrepancies between versions is highlighted here. The first is used in my post, “The Bassoon, Vivaldi’s love of it and my funny dream”

I love this piece of music. It’s uplifting, soaring with a solar plexus punch!

Vivaldi’s Bassoon Concerto RV 498 – Allegro

Basoon concerto in A rv-498-allegro


Now listen to this! … by a supposedly well respected orchestra. To my ear all of the passion, guts and punch have been removed, creating a “Vivaldi elevator piece.” What’s the story? I’m sure a professional bassoonist or experienced conductor could read Vivaldi’s original score (if it still exists) and tell which of these two versions is closest to what he composed. I just can’t imagine it’s this one!

I’ll wait and  hope that one day someone with ‘the knowledge’ will visit my blog and comment!