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Cutest Musical Squeak

Cutest Musical Squeak Hummel

Cutest Musical Squeaks!

These are the sweetest little musical ‘squeaks’ I’ve ever heard!

4 squeaks starting about 4 minutes and 45 seconds in, up to 5:25 It’s a nice piece of music worth listening to anyway. But just dig those squeaks. (it’s the Oboe)

Johann Nepomuk Hummel / Introduction, theme and variations in F major / Allegretto Op. 102

Hummel introduction theme and variations for Oboe and Orchestra Op. 102 Allegretto

Bassoon Cutest Musical Squeak Hummel Hummel Hunt!

My Hummel Hunt – I didn’t even know him!

I didn’t know anything about Johann Nepomuk Hummel until my Dentist mentioned him the other day. My dentist is a Classical Music buff and I’d given him a 2 volume CD Set titled: In the Dentist Chair:

(It was all the music I thought folks might like to hear midst the trauma of drilling and vacuuming spit!)

As a result I’ve been on a Hummel Hunt.

At first it was like listening to a student of Mozart (as he was!) – but the more I listened and researched, the more I realised he was an accomplished and important composer in his own right. He’s one of those who went out of fashion shortly after they died, and are making a “Comeback” as I type.

The Great composers he actually ‘hung out’ with, and/or influenced by teaching them is amazing. Then if you add the composers who taught or influenced him … you come up with a Who’s Who of the “Classical to Romantic Bridge Period.”

Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Czerny, Liszt, Schumann, Schubert and the list goes on.

Here’s to a Hummel comeback! Next time you hear of a Hummel concert in your area – GO!

Later – P.S. – just found this on a music site: Historians tell us that pianist and composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel was spoken of in the same breath as Mozart and Beethoven in 1820 — but not for long…

Hummel piano-concerto-no-2-allegro-moderato


Theme and variations introduction Allegro