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Wind for my Brother

Over the years developing this site my brother has been both my strongest critic, and at the same time my most supportive advocate! We’ve spent a lot of time talking about music and I’ve sent him CD’s and a USB flash drive with the music he likes.

These exchanges comparing our musical tastes came to a head the other day after I sent him the Utube link below. He decided that this genre was his musical manna! – Wind – Just the wind instruments. Quartets, quintets, sextets or a whole bunch at once! (Like Mozart’s piece for 13 wind instruments) The use of exclusively wind instruments has an interesting history. The gist of it seems to be that the patrons of the composers in the 17 and 18 hundreds who weren’t filthy rich! .. some of them could only afford to have a little in-house musical group; and they came to be known as Harmonie. At the same time the article notes that some street musicians of the time played in these ‘wind groups.’

Anyway here in order are: The Utube link to a delightful piece by Beethoven. The Wikipedia article and another much more detailed account of Harmoniemusik.  (* The next day: An important update) And finally  a Long Play selection of all wind lasting an hour and 12 minutes. Enjoy.

A very detailed link about Harmoniemusik

* A friend sent me an alternate version for the Mozart Serenade K361 and my brother and I both agree that’s it’s much better. Unfortunately my friend doesn’t know who it is playing! Anyway it will provide a lovely Intro to the long play.

Mozart’s Serenade For Winds K361 third movement


New Wind Instrument Long Play


Playlist: The first 3 movements of Beethoven’s Sextet for 2 clarinets, 2 French horns and 2 Bassoons

Wind quartet in E flat major (andante grazioso) by Anton Reicha.  Then Reicha‘s Wind quintet #2 in E flat maj. op 88 IV

Then 4 movements from Mozart’s Serenade for 8 wind instruments in E flat maj. KV 375

Followed by Beethoven’s quintet for Oboe, 3 French horns and Bassoon (all 3 movements)

Finally … Mozart’s Serenade K361 “Gran Partita” for 13 wind instruments: third, fourth, fifth and seventh movements.

Clarinet Mendelssohn Saint Saens Spohr Stravinsky

The Clarinet

It’s a beautiful instrument isn’t it?

Tchaikovsky Clarinet concerto Moderato


Mendelssohn Concert Piece in D minor for Clarinet, Basset-horn and piano Opus 114 Andante
Mendelssohn clarinet


Stravinsky 3 pieces for Solo Clarinet piece no. 1
Stravinsky clarinet


Saint Saens Clarinet sonata in E flat major op. 167 Allegretto
Saint Saens clarinet


Louis Spohr Clarinet concerto no. 4 in E minor Larghetto
Spohr clarinet