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Faure Piano

Faure Nocturnes

The French composer Gabriel Faure (1845-1924) was one of the foremost French composers of his time.

Here are a couple of his beautiful piano nocturnes.

We’re sitting in a piano bar way-station nibbling tasty hor dourves and watching the runway. The room is full of cultured wealthy philanthropists and spiritual seekers; awaiting the shuttle flight to Heaven: Level 3/room 16

Nocturne #4


Nocturne #3

Another Attempt! Faure Opera/Vocal

Another attempt!

My Dentist yet again! He already knew about my “thing” with Opera (see Opera apology on the Categories list) – but he still urged me to listen to this piece by Faure. My wife loves it and hopefully my sister in law will know it already and give me a pat on the back for posting it!

Gabriel Faure Requiem Op. 48 Pie Jesu

Faure requiem-op-48-pie-jesu


Gabriel Faure? Whose music site is this anyway?

It’s Yours – Dear listener! Then why do I get stuck on my favourites? Or those whom I consider “THE Greatest”?

It’s not fair!

I’ve addressed my prujudice regarding Debussy and Ravel (next post below) and then, right away… comes a request for Faure!

I checked and only had 2 pieces by Faure. He’s a highly regarded Composer, yet I’ve never ‘investigated’ him. With hundreds and thousands of Chopins, Mozarts, Beethovens, Listzts, Rachmaninoffs, Bachs, Handels and so on and so forth; my ears have been captivated. Yet …  WHY should I decide you don’t get to hear Faure?

A  Classical buff in California sent me his recommendations of Faure … and so here are a few WITHOUT my prejudicial comments!

Nocturne Op. 104 in F sharp minor / Molto Moderato


Violin Sonata in E major Op. 108 / Andante


From the Dolly Suite / Spanish Dance


Nocturne 13 Op. 119