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Impressive composition, and this guy loves his Cello

Stumbling around through google titles like: Most Beautiful Classical Melody, Greatest Symphonic Moments, Great Piano Solos and so on and so forth. This beauty – that I didn’t know of before – was “discovered” in one of those sites.

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A Real Ear Opener Dvorak Piano

A Real Ear Opener

Just now reviewing some playlists, and I came upon a CD I made for a guy who didn’t know much (or anything at all?) about Classical Music – But he was very interested to hear / learn / investigate.

So I made a CD of what I thought was the very, very Best of the Best. (*Bach/Mozart/Chopin/Liszt/Shostakovich/Satie/Tchaikovsky/Brahms/Beethoven – etc.*) Amazing response! … When I asked what he liked – he could only name this ONE piece!!!

Dvorak – Humoresque Op. 101 #7


Dvorak Piano

Dvorak was missing from this site

I recently gave a two CD set of Classical music to a friend who wasn’t at all familiar with Classical.
He reported that Dvorak’s Humoresque “got him”
In the whole repertoire of those two CD’s  – including Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Schubert etc. etc.

This is the only piece he mentioned that really moved him! So I went to and found there wasn’t a single Dvorak piece! Now there’s two.

Humoresque op. 101 no. 7



Drobnosti Trio / allegro moderato

Dvorak trio drobnosti allegro