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Albinoni Baroque Chopin Piano

Special Request

How exciting! I’m getting requests!

Eve has requested Chopin’s Prelude op. 28 / no. 4 – and some Albinoni. (not on the site until now)

Since my father was the ultimate  ‘Chopin freak’ – I probably heard this Prelude many times whilst still in the womb. And many, many more times after exiting! It’s exquisite… and SO Chopin.

Albinoni: His debut on jimsclassicalmusic (A simple oversight Eve) Eventually I’ll have EVERYBODY!

Let’s go with the ‘signature’ Albinoni. We’ve all heard it somewhere (the theme to the movie Gallipoli maybe?) but a great piece of music nonetheless.

I just read something really interesting about Albinoni. Apparently he was very rich and wasn’t much concerned with ‘hanging out’ with other musicians. Too busy being with the wealthy and aristocratic!

Albinoni Adagio in G minor


Chopin prelude in e minor Opus 28 no. 4