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The Bassoon, Vivaldi’s love of it – and my funny dream

I recently discovered the haunting beauty of the Bassoon. My brother hit the nail on the head when he commented that it’s like a high-tech Didgeridoo! (Arguably the oldest musical instrument on earth, since the Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest living culture)

That deep, rich tonal quality hits somewhere in the heart region. After “discovering” the Bassoon, I next found that Vivaldi had an inordinate love of the instrument; since he composed 37 or 39 Concertos for it (*some scholarly arguments about this; Google it – I can’t be bothered!)

I became obsessed with Vivaldi’s Bassoon Concertos. Surfed the net for all of my paid sources, and kept looking for anyplace where I could download them. One night when I’d spent hours and hours downloading and searching (finding about 28 out of the 37 or 39) I had a dream.

The dream lasted about 15 minutes in dream time and it involved two things.

1) Trying to decide which newspaper I would put this ad in.

2) Composing and re-writing the wording. I finally came up with this ad:

Attractive, interesting older man seeks to trade ALL of Vivaldi’s Bassoon Concertos for intimate (sexual and intellectual) companionship with beautiful young woman.

What a hoot! Here are just three movements that highlight the beauty of the Basoon and Vivaldi’s composing skills.

This first one might be my favourite

RV 498 – Allegro

Con In A RV 498- Allegro


RV 501 La Notte – Fantasmi

vivaldi bassoon concerto b-flat-major-rv-501la-notte-ii-i-fantasmi


RV 501 La Notte – 3rd movement

vivaldi-bassoon concerto in b flat major rv-501 la-notte sonno

  • Lyn Winter
    December 11, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Robert has listened and will ring you we are about to listen to the other pieces now xo