Somebody took a chill pill redux

When i begin to reference my own web site; that will be the day where I’ve truly Made It.

That day has come!

Recently I was haunted by a memory of my glorious Classical D.J. days in Castlemaine, Victoria; and how there was a piece that I featured and pontificated about, but couldn’t remember what the piece was.

It involves my love of super slow piano riffs: The silence between the notes (*when done by a Master like Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin … or in this case Brahms)

Just today I came upon this posting on my site; of a piece by Brahms, with some super duper slow piano, and great cello in the bargain. And then I remembered that this is the piece I featured on the radio show.


Brahms piano trio #1 in B major op. 8 – Adagio