Beethoven Brahms Piano

Radu Lupu – slower is better!

A musician friend visited my web site and listened to the second movement of Beethoven’s piano sonata number 8 (the Pathetique) played by Wilhelm Kempff, who was particularly well known for his Beethoven interpretations.  My friend then sent me a link to the same piece played by Radu Lupu. Incredible difference! The Kempff version runs 4:56 while Lupu’s goes 7:05! Have a listen to Kempff first, and then the slower, poetic and beatific version by Lupu.

Beethoven piano sonata 8 / 2nd movement by Kempff


by Lupu


After reading the article below and a few others about Radu I began seeking his music out and I’m now a real ‘fan.’ I was amazed that I hadn’t found him before, during my lengthy and exhaustive  searches and downloads, for the great pianist of the 20th century.  Unfortunately it so far appears that his recorded catalog is fairly small. After the link there are a few more examples of how ‘Slow is better’! Exquisite Brahms.

Brahms intermezzo 118 second movement played by Idil Biret


Played by Radu


Brahms Intermezzi, op117 (1) Andante moderato played by Kempff


Played by Radu