Liszt Liszt update - when he's "Sweet"! Piano

Liszt Update – when he’s sweet, light, spiritual and romantic

NOTE: Some of the pieces and information here are contained in a previous posting titled: Totentanz

Liszt – Devil or Angel. That was him and his music. Througout his life he was focused on the “seeming”! two extremes. Love/Light/God – Evil/Devil/Death. (Eastern/Oriental philosophies might argue: Two sides of the same coin)

His compostitions of  a spiritual, meditative or romantic nature, (including “Passionate” Romantic, as in the piece below: Un Sospiro) have few equals in the annals of Great Composers.

Un Sospiro (meaning a sigh – probably not a title Liszt himself applied to this piece)



Nocturne En Reve

en reve nocturne


Standchen, Serenade from Schwanengesang



Liebestraum number 3



Consolation no. 3 in D flat Major