Haydn Piano

Haydn: A weird and wonderful movement from a piano trio

Haydn is indeed one of, if not the greatest composers of Piano trios and quartets. I’ve started a quest to collect all of the Trios (45) This second movement of the Piano Trio In E Major H15-28 really captured my attention.

It’s hard to believe this is music from the 1700’s. I can see a super hip basement nightclub in Tokyo or L.A. where 3 talented Jazz musicians are jamming! Haydn was so willing to play around, get experimental and bold. Go places no one had gone before.

Piano Trio In E Major H15-28 – 2 Allegretto


Here is more along the same lines. A snippet from an earlier posting titled: “Heeeer’s Haydn”  I just marvel over his willingness to get ‘edgy’ – take chances. I think more so than Mozart or Beethoven. Perhaps it was because he was a well adjusted, happy man! Comfortable in his own skin, unlike so many geniuses!

From the Posting ‘Heeeer’s Haydn’

This first piece is so cool! So Zen. BUT Not for everyone!

The silences are as important as the music … AND you have to wonder: “What’s gonna’ happen next?! Keep in mind this is the 18th century! – not a modern L.A. or Paris jazz pianist.

UPDATE 18 months later: I only heard it now. This is one of those pieces where Glenn Gould would hum along with his piano playing. You can barely hear him in the background (depending on how good your sound system is) I think most recording companies eventually removed the humming!

From the last 6 Sonatas: Hoboken XVI – no. 48 Andante con espressione