Easy Listening

In my ongoing research into composers I hadn’t been exposed to  Carl Stamitz (1745 – 1801)

As I listened to a number of pieces, the phrase “Easy Listening” came to mind. It is easy to listen to! And then I began to wonder: What separates him from his great contemporaries (Mozart, Haydn and Hummel etc.) ?  Why is he a “lightweight?” Althought the melodies and musicality are there, what keeps the music from being profound or inspired? Would a few touches of complexity in the midst of his simplistic composition elevate it to greatness? An inspired background counterpoint? Why couldn’t he do it?

(* Sorry … these are just the ramblings of a Classical dilettante!)

3 pieces lasting about 12.5 minutes

Orchestral quartet in G major 2nd movement

Concerto for 2 clarinets #4 in B flat major 3rd movement

Cello concerto no. 1 in G major Romance