Cherubini Composers - Ignored and Almost forgotten!

Cherubini String Quartets

Cherubini was BIG – back in his day – but pretty much ignored and forgotten until recently. (see the post Cherubini for how he was admired by Beethoven and other great composers) Here are a few comments about his String Quartets:

“….. his six late string quartets. Fastidiously crafted and supremely musical, these quartets recall Haydn, Beethoven, and Mozart in their superior thematic workmanship and classical sense of balance. They’ve ranked among the best-kept secrets of quartet lovers for years…”

Wilhelm Altmann, writing in his Handbuch für Streichquartettspielers (Handbook for String Quartet Players) about Cherubini’s six string quartets, states that they are first rate and regarded Nos. 1 and 3 as masterworks.

So here’s a “best kept secret” and one of the ‘masterworks’. Approx. 15 minutes of String Quartet enjoyement.

From Cherubini’s String Quartet #3 – the second and third movements

Cherubini String Quartet


Cherubini String Quartet third move