A Handel ‘revelation’

As a self confessed dilettante, regarding my real knowledge of Classical music, I tend to go on jags. A week obsessed with Brahms, two weeks on Handel, a week or two on Schubert, Scriabin and so on. I’ve just revisited my Handel jag and may have had a ‘revelation’ (if dilettantes are capable of musical revelations!)

Here it is: Handel’s music gives one the distinct feeling that something important / significant is happening. Sometimes it’s obvious what that significance is; as in the case of Music for the Royal Fireworks. In some other compositions it’s probably best left to the imagination of each listener as to what that Significance is. But you can certainly hear and feel it.

Handel medley

Sonata a 5 (HWV 288): III – Allegro 03:47
Concerto grosso Op. 3 No. 2 in B-flat major: III – A 02:15
Concerto grosso Op. 3 No. 3 in G major: II – Adagio 01:02
Concerto grosso Op.3 No. 5 in D minor: V – Allegro 02:44
Music for the Royal Fireworks #5 Menuet 03:00